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About Us

Hello, my name is Todd Ball, I am a licensed physical therapist with 25 years of out-patient physical therapy experience.  My wife Jennifer Ball is the lead movement educator at PT on Demand.  We are the owners of PT on Demand and creators of the Healthy Posture System.

PT on Demand takes a completely different approach to treating pain.  Most musculoskeletal pain conditions are a result of faulty joint positioning caused by collapsed posture.  By applying reverse engineering to the problem we are able to teach you how treat the foundation of your pain.  Guiding you through 6 levels of neutral spine conditioning establishes a strong foundation for long-term injury management and prevention.  Proprietary joint clearing techniques built into the workout ensure we target the weaker muscles to restore healthy lifting.

We have spent the last 8 years creating and organizing all the digital resources you need to treat the foundation of your pain from the comfort of your home, on your schedule and at your pace.

Our Story

Jennifer and I realized early in our journey that insurance-based care was never going to allow us to help patients make the permanent changes needed to address the foundation of their condition. Most patients needed 6-8 weeks to condition themselves to function from healthy posture and another 6-8 weeks to condition themselves to return to fitness and sport activities without faulty loading after an injury.

We started providing post-PT maintenance classes to complete the conditioning required for long-term injury management.  Those that participated in our maintenance program were able to get on top of their condition.  Unfortunately, not all patients could afford a $300 monthly maintenance program. 

To lower costs we put our maintenance program on video which brought the cost down to $30 a month.  However, much can be lost in translation with unsupervised self-care and our re-injury rates started to rise.

The universe helped us fill this gap...

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The Healthy Posture Club

The Healthy Posture Club® is our video-on-demand platform through which we guide you through the 6 levels of neutral spine conditioning required to restore your ability to function from healthy posture.  Each level of the program has a designated web page that contains all the workout, movement principles, and joint clearing videos needed to perform the exercises at the level of the program. 

The workouts section of this website links you to the workout pages on our flagship site,

Commonly Asked Questions