Physical Therapy on Demand

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Our Approach

We Teach You How to Treat the Foundation of Your Pain.

Our approach to physical therapy is non-traditional.  We combine online physical therapy coaching session with a video-on-demand platform to condition you to function from healthy posture. This breaks the faulty loading patterns the cause most chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions.

Technology is accelerating the aging of our joints. You cannot address the foundation of most musculoskeletal pain conditions long-term until you improve your posture.

We apply reverse engineering to treat musculoskeletal pain.  Our neutral spine-based conditioning program provides a step-by-step guide for restoring your ability to perform your daily activities and fitness from healthy posture.  We have developed proprietary joint clearing techinques that are performed before strengthening exercises to ensure you strengthen the right muscles every workout.

Our Model

The Healthy Posture System combines 6 levels of neutral spine conditioning with proprietary joint clearing techniques to break the faulty loading patterns that cause the joint misalignments that serve as the foundation for most musculoskeletal pain conditions. 

This rewires your neural patterns and ensures that we establish a balance between the big muscles that move our body and the smaller muscles that stabilize the joints.

It takes 6 weeks to condition yourself to function from a healthy posture. This transformation requires a structured neutral spine conditioning program that includes joint clearing techniques performed before strengthening exercises to break the faulty loading patterns caused by bad posture.

A licensed physical therapist or PTA will work with you once a week online to review your current workout program and progress you as you demonstrate the ability to perform 8 repetitions of each exercise at the current level without losing neutral spine alignment. Our video-on-demand platform, Healthy Posture Club, will supervise your home program between weekly online workouts.

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You cannot fix bad posture with a few exercises or stretches. You must achieve the following 6 milestones of physical wellness.

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Restore your ability to get into neutral spine alignment (week 1).

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Condition yourself to sit, stand and walk in a healthy posture (week 2).

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Organize your workspace to allow you to function from a healthy posture for 50% of your workday (week 3).

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Condition yourself to perform home and work tasks from neutral spine alignment (week 4).

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Perform fitness program without faulty loading in the neck and low back (week 6).

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Perform sport and recreation activities from neutral spine alignment (week 8).

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The Healthy Posture Club

The Healthy Posture Club® is our video-on-demand platform through which we guide you through the 6 levels of neutral spine conditioning required to restore your ability to function from healthy posture. Each level of the program has a web page that contains all the workout, movement principles, and joint clearing videos needed to perform the exercises at the level of the program. All the resources you need to complete this level of conditioning including equipment needed, scheduling widget, and relevant FAQ content are available on these pages. The workouts section of this website links you to the workout pages on our flagship site,