Workplace Wellness Program

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Break the Cycle of Overuse Injuries! Reduce Medical Claims; Inrease Productivity.

Our Healthy Workplace Program provides you with all the digital self-care resources needed to prevent minor aches and pains from progressing into medical claims.  Powered by the Healthy Posture System (patent pending), our VOD subscriptions treat the foundation of most musculoskeletal pain conditions at their source, faulty posture.  

We can create a branded sub-page off your company's web site that provides direct access to these self-care videos and high quality telehealth physical therapy oversight.  Our Healthy Workplace Program reduces medical claims and reinjury rates.  Schedule a demo with a corporate wellness specialist to learn more.

The Problem:

  • Collapsed sitting and standing posture causes faulty loading patterns.
  • Faulty loading patterns causes joint misalignments.
  • Joint misalignments causes pain.
  • Traditional medical models don't address the foundation of the problem.

Stop Treating the Pain!  

The Healthy Worker Conditioning Program:

  • Restores the ability to perform work tasks from healthy posture.
  • Provides daily wellness reminders to keep access to healthy posture.
  • Provides lifestyle modification at each phase of the program to promote healthy work place ergonomics.
  • Teaches daily joint clearing techniques to break the faulty loading patterns.
  • Workouts progresses to condition workers to perform fitness from healthy posture for long-term injury prevention.

Healthy Worker Conditioning Program

Level 1:  Stand and walk from Neutral Spine Alignment.

Week 1: Watch Level 1 Workout

  • Complete Tele-PT Workout #1
  • Complete Tele-PT Workout #2

Level 2: Get in/out of chair and bed without faulty loading.

Week 2: Watch Level 2 Workout

  • Compete Tele-PT Workout #3
  • Compete Tele-PT Workout #4

Week 3:

  • Compete Tele-PT Workout #5
  • Compete Tele-PT Workout #6

Level 3: Pick object off floor and lift overhead without faulty loading.

Week 4 + 5: Watch Level 3 Workout

  • Compete Tele-PT Workout #7
  • Compete Tele-PT Workout #8

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You will achieve the following 6 functional fitness milestones.

A blue square with the number 0 1 written on it.

Restore your ability to get into neutral spine alignment (week 1).

A blue square with the number 0 2 written on it.

Condition yourself to sit, stand and walk in a healthy posture (week 2).

A blue square with the number three written on it.

You are able to squat with healhty loading in the knees, hips and back (week 3).  

A blue square with the number four written on it.

Condition yourself to perform home and work tasks from neutral spine alignment (week 4). 

A blue square with the number 0 5 written on it.

Perform fitness program without faulty loading in the neck and low back (week 6).  

A blue background with the number six in white.

Perform sport and recreation activities from neutral spine alignment (week 8).