Become a PT on Demand Reseller!

Benefits of becoming a Reseller:

  • Expand scope of care to include post-PT digital maintenance
  • Add passive revenue (VOD subscription)
  • Improve client loyalty
  • Enhance client engagement
  • Diversify your revenue stream and delivery model
  • State-of-the-art post-PT digital telehealth platform
  • Reduce staff burnout and turnover
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Receive PT Telehealth referrals from PT on Demand
  • Lower your expansion and HR costs

Get the most out of every marketing dollar!

Expand Your Delivery Mode and Revenue Stream

Today's wellness consumer wants convenience and is paying cash for services that only band aide the problem. Our Reseller Programs allow you to distribute our neutral spine based functional fitness workout videos and provides you with all the training resources you need to establish a state-of-the-art telehealth physical therapy platform that serves your patients long-term injury management and prevention needs. Pain is not the problem, faulty loading patterns from collapsed posture is the foundation of most musculoskeletal pain conditions.  This is best addressed long term with neutral spine conditioning.  We have developed an out-of-the-box system that restores movement from healthy posture.   

Upon completing of the reseller inquiry form PT on Demand will provide you with additional details on performa revenue models as well as program costs.

Injury Management Reseller Program

  • Neutral Spine based Functional Fitness oriented Telehealth Physical Therapy Platform
  • Distribute levels 1-3 of the Healthy Posture System™
  • Certification program (required)
  • Branded Landing Page
  • Designated account manager
  • Get Telehealth Referrals


Post-PT Functional Fitness Program

  • Post-rehabilitation VOD and Telehealth maintenance program
  • Distribute levels 3-6 of the Healthy Posture System™
  • Certification program (available)
  • Branded Landing Page
  • Designated account manager
  • Get Post-PT Telehealth Referrals


The Healthy Posture System™ VOD library contains over 96 workout and self-care videos.  There is no artificial intelligence associated with our product or its distribution, only skilled movement observation and structured movement instruction.  

Your patient's want in-home physical therapy and maintenance services, we are experts in making it powerful and irreplaceable.