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Telehealth Physical Therapy for Runner's Knee

Our telehealth physical therapy program for runner's knee will strengthen your core to stabilize your pelvis during your daily activities.  This restores healthy loading through the hips and knees to promote complete healing from the mechanical overlaod that causes your pain.

We are experts in teaching you the exercises, lifestyle modifications and joint clearing techniques required to restore the healthy loading through your knees required for long-term injury management and prevention.  

Purchase a $50 Healthy Knee Telehealth Physical Therapy Consultation and let us identify if your knee pain is coming from misalignment and/or faulty loading in the low back.

What is Runner's Knee?

Runners knee is a condition when abnormal tension in the muscles on the outside of the hip cause faulty tracking of the patellae in the femoral groove.  In most instances it is caused by faulty loading patterns that are biomechanical and treatable.  Here are some signs your Runner's Knee is treatable.

  • Tight hamstrings.  
  • Tight IT bands (tensor fascia lata).
    • If you experience a sharp pain when bend you knee you likely have tight IT band on that side.  
  • Knee pain going up stairs.
  • Week core / Lumbo-pelvic instability. 
  • Collapse pelvis.
    • If you have a lower ASIS in standing your pelvis may be collapsed on that side.  

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A Complete Physical Therapy Solution

You cannot restore healthy loading through your knees until you establish the core stability to maintain neutral pelvis positioning during your daily activities.

It takes 6-8 weeks to break the faulty loading patterns in the low back, hips and knees that cause themechanical overloads that cause Runner's Knee.  We are experts in safely conditioning you to break these faulty loading patterns by medically guiding you through the Healthy Posture System™.

You will be discharged with all the video resources needed to maintain healthy loading in your knees.  

Our Healthy Knee Program will help you achieve the following 6 functional fitness milestones.

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Restore your ability to get into neutral spine alignment (week 1).

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Condition yourself to sit, stand and walk in a healthy posture (week 2).

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Condition yourself to get in/out of chair and pick object off the floor with healthy loading in the low back and knees (week 3).

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Condition yourself to perform home and work tasks from neutral spine alignment (week 4).

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Perform fitness program without faulty loading in the neck and low back (week 6).

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Perform sport and recreation activities from neutral spine alignment. (week 8).

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