Telehealth Physical Therapy for Neck Pain Your Neck Pain is Treatable!

Our telehealth physical therapy for neck pain program conditions you to treat the foundation of your neck pain from the comforts of home on your schedule.  Most neck pain conditions are associated with joint misalignment in the cervical spine as a result of collapsed upper back posture.

Collapsed upper back posture causes forward head posture.  Forward head posture places excess stress on the upper cervical spine and can compromise blood flow to the brain.  Over time forward head posture progresses into head tilt posture which places excessive stress on the lower cervical spine. 

We are experts in teaching you the exercises, lifestyle modifications and joint clearing techniques required to restore healthy loading through your neck.

Purchase a $50 Telehealth Physical Therapy Consultation and let us identify if your neck pain is coming from collapsed upper back posture. 

Neck Pain Conditions we Treat Online

Our telehealth physical therapy for neck pain program can help those suffering from the following symptoms:

  • Facet lock (inability to turn your head to one direction)
  • Headaches that refer to the forehead
  • Radiculopathy* (pain down the arm; weakness)
  • Cervicocranial Instability* (CCI)
  • Bulging disc*
  • Herniated disc*
  • Spinal Stenosis*
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome*

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A Complete Online Solution for Neck Pain

You cannot unload the your neck until you are able to “stack your upper back”.  This is because you are unable to contract the muscles that position your skull in neutral position from a collapsed upper back posture.  

Our telehealth physical therapy program for neck pain will safely condition you to keep your upper back "stacked" and your skull in its neutral position on C1 throughout the day. 

A licensed physical therapist or PTA will medically guide you through the Healthy Posture System™ to restore healthy loading through your neck.

It takes 6 week to break the faulty loading patterns that cause the joint misalignments that serve as the foundation for most neck pain conditions.  

You will be discharged with all the video resources you need to maintain healthy loading in your neck.  

You will achieve the following 6 functional fitness milestones.

A blue square with the number 0 1 written on it.

Restore your ability to get into neutral spine alignment (week 1).

A blue square with the number 0 2 written on it.

Condition yourself to sit, stand and walk in a healthy posture (week 2).

A blue square with the number three written on it.

Organize your workspace to allow you to function from a healthy posture for 50% of your workday (week 3).

A blue square with the number four written on it.

Condition yourself to perform home and work tasks from neutral spine alignment (week 4).

A blue square with the number 0 5 written on it.

Perform fitness program without faulty loading in the neck and low back (week 6).

A blue background with the number six in white.

Perform sport and recreation activities from neutral spine alignment (week 8).