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Pre-surgical Physical Therapy Reduce Pain, Shorten Recovery!

Completing our pre-surgical Physical Therapy (Prehab) program will condition you to perform your daily activities from healthy posture to promote a less painful and more complete recovery.  You will be educated on strategies for sleeping, driving, reading and lifting that protect your surgery.  We will also explore the best transfer strategies to reduce inflammation and pain at the site of your surgery. 

Wewill establish a foundation for long-term injury management and injury prevention.  You will have less pain and a quicker recovery.  Purchase a $50 PT consultation to get started.

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Why do Pre-surgical Rehab with Us? Experience and Results.

We have been providing online pre-surgical physical therapy services for the past 8 years.  A licensed and PT on Demand certified  PT or PTA will safely help you condition yourself to perform all your daily activities from healthy posture before your upcoming surgery. 

Based on your current mobility level and specific surgery we will explore strategies for healthy sitting, typing, lifting, walking and standing that promote maximum healing.  Your weekly online physical therapy coaching sessions provide a safe environment for you to learn how to perform your prescribed exercises.  Our video-one-demand platform (Healthy Posture Club®) ensures you have medically guided coaching between weekly telehealth physical therapy workouts.  

You will accomplish the following milestones before surgery!

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Sit upright without back support to restore symmetrical loading through the pelvis and spine.  We will organize your workspace in a way that promotes healing.

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Stand symmetrically through your hips, knees and ankles through neutral spine conditioning.  We will discuss standing desk strategies that work best if most appropriate for promoting healing.

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Get out of bed with enough core strength to control your rib cage and pelvis to limit how much you load your neck and low back.  We will discuss the best sleeping strategy for you based on your surgery and individual preferences.

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Get in/out of chair without faulty loading in your spine, hips, knees or ankles.  We will discuss props and strategies that best accommodate you in your home based on your furniture.

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Lift object overhead without unhealthy loading in the neck.  If appropriate, we will provide strategies to limit that amount of overhead lifting required post-surgery.  This may include but not be limited to lowering glassware, medicine and other essential items normally stored at height.

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Walk and go up/down stairs without loading the low back or neck in an unhealthy manner.  The is necessary for healhty loading of the shoulder, hips and knees.  This may require 2 telehealth physical therapy sessions to identify the best strategy for you based on your post-surgical guidelines.