Fitness Equipment

A black cylinder shaped object sitting on top of a floor.

Foam Roller


The foam roller is a key aspect to your daily joint clearing routine. We replace it with a 5 or 8 lb. CAP bar at level 3 as your resistance for overhead lifting.

Purchase includes instructional video on how and when to use a yoga block within the Healthy Posture System™.

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Two blue blocks stacked on top of each other.

Yoga Block


We utilize yoga blocks as skull support when laying on your back. As your posture improves you should need less support to get into neutral skull positioning.  4” block – $25* (week 1-3)  3” block – $25* (week 4-6)

Purchase includes instructional video on how and when to use a foam roller within the Healthy Posture System™.

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Three different colored kettlebells are lined up.

Kettle Bell


The key to safe functional strengthening is maintaining neutral spine. We utilize kettle bells at level 3 to strengthen you in a way that facilitates healthy posture. 3.5 lbs. – $25* (week 3), 5 lbs. – $25* (week 5), 7.5 lbs. – $35* (week 5)

Purchase includes instructional video on how and when to use a kettle bell within the Healthy Posture System™.

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A black cushion with an infinity symbol on it.

Chair Wedge


If you sit more than a 2 hours at a time a chair wedge is a powerful prop to help you sit in healthy posture. You will learn how to use this prop week 1.

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A gray pillow sitting next to each other on top of a white table.

Travel Pillow


When traveling, we suggest using a travel pillow angled 45 degrees to promote Head Nod® posture. There is a video on how to use this in the Educational Resources Library.

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A woman sitting at her desk working on a laptop.

Standing Desk Solution


Set yourself up for long-term injury management and prevention. Solution includes standing desk, stool and ergo consult on set-up. This is appropriate at week 4.

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A black plastic object sitting on top of a white table.

Spine Corrector


The Spine Corrector is a critical piece of exercise equipment for those with collapsed upper back posture. It is prescribed for anyone that cannot stack their upper back that requires a safer entry into upper thoracic spine self-mobility than provided by the foam roller. Ideal for those with scoliosis, arthritis, spinal stenosis, neck pain or shoulder pain.

Purchase includes the level 1 workout video of the Spine Corrector Program.

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A pair of black and blue pencils with green end caps.

Exercise Bar


Exercise bars are used to start the functional overhead lifting series within Healthy Posture System™. Women usually are prescribed the 5 lb. bar and men the 8 lb. bar. We will purchase CAP bars when possible as they allow you to slide your kettle bells over them to add resistance without additional purchase.

Purchase includes instructional video on how and when to use an exercise bar within the Healthy Posture System™.

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A rolled up yoga mat on top of the floor.

Customized Exercise Mat


The foot placement for all standing exercises and hand placement for the Chest Lift® Series are specific for each individual to ensure access to neutral spine alignment is optimized. This purchase includes a 15-minute telehealth session to customize your exercise mat. *

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Magic Circle (Pilates Ring)


The magic circle is used to correct an elevated 1st rib. It is also used to strengthen your internal rotators during overhead elevation. At level 5 of the program you may be taught how to mobilize your lower cervical spine using the magic circle.

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Pro-roller Arch


The Pro-roller Arch is used during side lying external rotation to provide a support for the elbow to best isolate the teres minor and infraspinatus. It also stabilizes the foam roller when performing the shoulder mobility series. At level 5 we teach the Knee Self-correction technique with the Pro-Roller Arch.

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The rotator cuff consists of 4 very small muscles, about the size of a piece of sushi. Their strengthening requires much lighter resistance. 2lb. + 4 lb. dumbbells are a safe and appropriate starting point for their strengthening.

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Exercise Balls


We use exercise balls in the early stages of the Healthy Hip and Knee Program to restore functional mobility and strengthen the core.

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