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Physical Therapy Workouts Don't Just Workout!

Our physical therapy workout teach you how to treat the foundation of your pain.  They combine 6 levels of neutral spine conditioning with proprietary joint clearing techniques to break the faulty loading patterns contributing to your pain.  Establishing a strong foundation for long-term injury management and prevention.  

Don’t just treat your pain; treat the source of your pain for long-term injury management and prevention.

All workouts are medically supervised and password protected. 

Physical Therapy Workout Videos

Functional Mobility Phase

Neutral Spine Conditioning Phase

Functional Fitness Phase

Workout Overview

Your medically guided physical therapy workouts will follow a consistent structure.

Joint Clearing Techniques:

Your online physical therapy workouts will start with a review of your "Start Your Day" routine to make sure you are starting each day with maximum access to neutral spine alignment.

Neutral Spine Conditioning:

Your current neutral spine conditioning will be reviewed and progressed as appropriate.


Your current functional fitness exercises will be reviewed and progressed as appropriate.

Lifestyle Modifications:

Based on your current level of neutral spine conditioning we will explore what lifestyle modification are appropriate to help you live a more neutral spine life.

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Commonly Asked Questions