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Telehealth Physical Therapy for Scoliosis Your Scoliosis is Treatable!

Our telehealth physical therapy for sciatica program will teach you how to stop falling into your scoliosis as a source of stability.

We are experts in teaching you the exercises, lifestyle modifications and joint clearing techniques required to restore the healthy loading through your low back that is required for long-term injury management and prevention of sciatica.  

Purchase a $50 Healthy Back Telehealth Physical Therapy Consultation and let us identify if your back pain is coming from misalignment or faulty loading in the low back.

What is Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine.  Most adults with scoliosis perform their daily activities resting into their lateral collapse which only strengthens this faulty loading strategy.  

There are exercises you can do to mobilize your thoracic spine in the direction opposite your collapse.  This establishes a foundation for functional strengthening exercise to strengthen your ability to function without resting on your collapse.  Overtime, these exercises can be progressed to allow you safely to participate in traditional fitness, sport and recreational activities

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A Complete Solution for Your Scoliosis

Our telehealth physical therapy for scoliosis program will safely condition you to keep your upper back stacked and pelvis in neutral position throughout your day.  This breaks the faulty loading patterns in the low back that serve as the foundation for most sciatica conditions. 

It takes 6-8 weeks to break the faulty loading patterns that cause the joint misalignments that serve as the foundation for most back pain conditions.  We are experts in safely conditioning you to break these faulty loading patterns by medically guiding you through the Healthy Posture System™.

You will be discharged with all the video resources you need to maintain healthy loading in your low back.  

You will achieve the following 6 functional fitness milestones.

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Restore your ability to get into neutral spine alignment (week 1).

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Condition yourself to sit, stand and walk in a healthy posture (week 2).

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Organize your workspace to allow you to function from a healthy posture for 50% of your workday (week 3).

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Condition yourself to perform home and work tasks from neutral spine alignment (week 4).

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Perform fitness program without faulty loading in the neck and low back (week 6).

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Perform sport and recreation activities from neutral spine alignment. (week 8).

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